A selection of special grapes and other ingredients, producing sweet wines and liqueurs that make elegant after-dinner drinks, to be enjoyed with a dessert or just on their own.


From the must of grapes that have been cold-dried, enriched with herbs, roots, flowers and spices, comes Collavini’s take on Ratafià.
This liqueur, though traditional in its production method, is innovative in the grape variety used: Ribolla Gialla. It is a product that does not contain artificial aromas, and is ideal served at the end of a meal or to accompany delicious pastries.

Serving Suggestions

An after-dinner liqueur inspired by ancient Friulian tradition. Excellent for accompanying tiramisù, or used for soaking the pastries in that famous creamy dessert. It goes particularly well with sponge fingers, butter shortbread biscuits or dry almond cookies.

Technical Notes
GRAPESRibolla Gialla
ALCOHOL CONTENT Around 17% vol.
Tasting Note

A gleaming, brilliant amber in colour, this liqueur offers heady scents of Williams pears, dried apricots, lemon, citron and subtle nuances of Mediterranean flowers, bitter roots and spices.
It is sweet without being cloying, fresh, and with a long aromatic finish that is reminiscent of overripe fruit, such as dried figs and dates.


Made from bunches of Verduzzo di Ramandolo picked and laid out in small crates before being taken to our drying loft, where they undergo overripening and are affected by noble rot. The grapes are then frozen for three days at -18°C and subsequently pressed in a manual press, thus obtaining juice that is sugary, perfumed and viscous.
This must ferments and matures for over three years in old barriques, before transforming itself into an incredible “meditation wine”.

Serving Suggestions

Sublime with foie gras, liver pâté, and gorgonzola or taleggio cheeses. An elegant “meditation wine”, which offers excellent taste sensations even when enjoyed on its own.

Technical Notes
GRAPESVerduzzo di Ramandolo
CLASSIFICATION Verduzzo Friulano I.G.T. Venezia
ALCOHOL CONTENT Around 13.5% vol.
Tasting Note

Our Verdac Glaciat stands out in the glass thanks to its very deep old gold colour and attractive amber reflections. Aromas of rare intensity recall chestnut honey, dried figs, sultanas and vanilla. On the palate, the wine is sweet, but well-balanced between its soft fruit and tannins, and it finishes with a harmonious cornucopia of fruity and spicy notes, with great persistence in the aftertaste.