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The villa of the noble Zucco di Cuccanea family, the current head office, is a fine example of a 16th-century fortified residence. The Torretta, the turret on the west-facing wall, was built for the purposes of defence and later became a point of observation from which to monitor the surrounding countryside, a marvellous panorama stretching across the hill country of Rosazzo, Ruttars and Cormons.
Leaving the villa and walking down an old Ribolla Gialla vineyard you reach the wine cellar, where the thousand-year-old farming tradition marries the modern technology.
Steady improvements in quality of the winery have been achieved in a number of ways, including vineyard management, harvesting by hand, sometimes in low-sided cases, and major technological innovation in the cellar. The best bunches are taken to the drying room, where low temperatures and ventilation coax from them a magnificent symphony of fragrances, imbuing the wines with savouriness, remarkable body and elegance on the palate.
These are the processes that have led to wines like our multiple award-winning Collio Bianco Broy. Our other area of innovation is sparkling winemaking, and in particular the development of what is known today as the “Metodo Collavini”; 42 months, from the harvest to the flute, for a sparkling wine considered a real Friuli’s excellence: the Ribolla Gialla Brut.

Azienda Collavini Azienda Collavini Azienda Collavini
Exterior View of the Tower Courtyard at the Villa Fogolar Furlan, Traditional Friulan Kitchen and Fireplace



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